Binge-watching television shows and movies is one of my favorite pastimes! Knowing I have the time to find the perfect show with no obligations to pull me away, the right amount of snacks to get me through while lounging in my favorite pair of pajamas is like Heaven on Earth to me!

What makes it even better is when you find a special show that you binged SO FAST that now you are FORCED to patiently wait for the next season to arrive ... this happened to me a few days ago when my mom announced that Season 5 of "The Great British Bake-Off" has arrived! YES! You read that right. My favorite show is a British baking show! It's the most relaxing show I have ever watched. I mean just listen to the theme music as you read. You can't deny that puts you in a good mood!

Have you seen it? It's understandable if you haven't because this show is like a hidden gem. If you don't own cable and deal with the free channels CREATE TV on Fridays is where you can catch it, usually in the evening. The only other place I have seen it (besides for sale on Amazon) is Netflix! So if you can score your free week of watching, man, GET IT! This show is TOTALLY worth it!

I love the accents, how kind they are too each other and most of the stuff they are baking I have never even heard of, which makes it fun! Make sure to carve out some time because I bet once you start you won't be able to stop. Want a little taste?

OK, there is ONE other place you can find some of the episodes. YouTube :)

I have been asked by my husband to bake him a Swiss roll...and one of these days I am totally going to do it. But right now I am pretty happy with watching OTHERS bake while I relax :)

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