July 17th 2020 Pacific Northwest Fresh Box

The end of the week has been getting more and more exciting. Not only is the weekend here but I also receive a Pacific Northwest Fresh Box, so the unboxing has become something I really look forward too.

Moving into a new place, we are in the middle of adjusting budget-wise so I am working on eating more within what I already have instead of going out.

Today before work I actually cooked up some potatoes and added them to the cheese quesadilla I made, way better than I expected.

Last night I was so excited about kale (who am I?) that I pulled a few leaves out and went straight to making kale chips. Instead of popcorn, I figured I was winning and truly after cooking it up at 350 in the oven for only 10 minutes, it was the perfect snack.

My mix is included in the gallery but I know it's a popular idea so here are a few more flavors you could try

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