They say diamonds are a girl's best friend, but honestly, besides how pretty they shine, I would take many other things as a gift this Valentines Day. You?

I'll start it out with a few things to kick off the festivities

I've always thought this would be cool:

Can't go wrong with letting your pet or loved one know you are always thinking of them

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    Slap that love on the door

    I saw a super cute post somewhere about cutting out a bunch of hearts for your love, your kids, your mom. Not sure WHO that person is, but if you have a bunch of messages for them like: "The first time I saw you, my heart whispered 'that's the one'" or "When I follow my heart it leads me to you." For the grown folks or the littles, remind them of just how special they are by decorating their door or the bathroom mirror.

  • 2

    Breakfast from the heart

    There are SO many different ways to spell out Happy Valentine's Day and you can kick it all off via breakfast. You can use bacon and shape it into hearts, spell out words with pancakes or even use cinnamon rolls to really show how sweet they are.

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    Cooking for two

    You could sign yourselves up for one of Elaina Moon's Healthy Eats Nutrition classes or buy all the supplies for you and your love or family can make your favorite meal together. For our birthdays growing up, my family always had the special red plate. On our birthdays we would get to pick the meal, the dessert and enjoy it all on the red plate. No time like the present to create a new and delicious tradition.

  • 4

    snack attack

    All the colors of the rainbow and all the love in the world each and every day. Who doesn't love snacks? And this list is full of such cute ideas. Go to the dollar store and grab some cookie cutters or free hand cut-outs and create the sweetest treats!

  • 5

    Dollar Store Valentines Day

    No shame in your game when it comes to creating the perfect basket of goodies for a friend, a child or your partner. I won't lie -- I used to be like, no way! But have you been in one lately? Each carries different items that are awesome.

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