Mini Winnie and I had a blast checking out the latest offerings of produce in our valley. Getting a second introduction to a vegetable called Gai Lan, Chinese broccoli is exciting. The first go-round I will be honest, I was kind of weirded out. Does that ever happen, where you don't want to mess up the cooking so instead you never use it?

I only admit these things because I know the struggle is real testing, new textures, time, and energy-wise, going the fast-food route can be so easy but if you're a lover of food like me and eat past full, starting to cook at home more is important. You're not alone, we can mess up and make fantastic meals together. Not every ingredient you will like but if you are open to the process and follow some of the recipes, you might end up with delicious new meals to add to whatever is in your current rotation.

Let's flip the script.

Based on the number of apples I for sure would like to possibly bake an apple pie or at least some type of apple muffin or like a...I know what I will make. Have you ever heard of Apple Roses before? You'll need puff pastry dough or you could make your own but that will be an item for tomorrow. I'll update once they are done.

The corn I would like to turn into a salad with that jalapeno, cilantro but I'll also need an avocado.

The chickpea Gai Lan spaghetti sounds a little wild but ya know what? I am down and my husband didn't even say no. I don't know if that will last but I am barreling forward with this one. It's time to throw out what you're not using and start fresh with new ideas as we enter a new season.

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