I have yet to find a painted rock in Yakima or throw my own painting party, it will be happening, but I figured I had to mention today is national collect rocks day. Anybody out there a hoarder of these hard little objects?

Did you know there is a club in Yakima named Yakima Valley Rocks you can join for free on their facebook page, occasionally there are events around town but I just love the thought that at any given moment there are multiple people in our valley creating beautiful masterpieces via a rock that they will be hidden and hopefully found by others. It's perfect. It's simple. It's free and today it's being celebrated so find some gorgeous rocks to collect and stay tuned because I feel like a 107.3 KFFM rock painting party would be so fun

Also being that fall is right around the corner I happened to stumble across an upcoming event having to do with rocks and Madd Hatters Haunt. They will be hiding zombie rocks. I mean come on. How fun is that?


Show me your rocks and I will add them to this post! :) You can message us on facebook or via the app

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