When I’m hungry for a burger, I typically go to fast food joints** because I’m always in a rush to eat. When I crave a BIG burger for a decent price, the best bet is to eat at a Mom & Pop kind of burger establishment (unless I'm in Vegas because then I have to go to In N Out).

Reesha Cosby eating an In N Out Burger in Las Vegas
Reesha Cosby via Instagram

I’ve heard about burger challenges like the 5-pound burger challenge in Oregon at Giant Burger, but the burger challenge we found here in Washington is a keeper. If you win the burger challenge, you’ll win $50 bucks! The money sure does sound tempting!


Bullseye Burgers, Subs, and More (51 Firing Center Rd, Yakima) is located in a place you’d never expect to be having a burger challenge: the back of a 76 gas station! You can find this huge burger challenge in the middle of nowhere, right outside a tiny Washington town named Selah. It’s one of those, “if you blink, you’ll miss it” kind of freeway exits off I-90 West. Bullseye has been getting some buzz about their burger challenge.

Bullseye Burgers inside the 76 Gas Station on Firing Center Rd
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If you want to win 50 bucks from the Bullseye Burger Challenge, you’ll have 15 minutes to eat:

5 Burgers
5 Fries
1 Milkshake

This reminds me of that movie scene where the late John Candy tried to eat a big a** steak. Are you brave and hungry enough to try the Washington burger eating contest for some money?


Good luck if you want to do that burger challenge, and make sure you have a lot of Pepto Bismol handy for later! I guess you could chuck it all the way to the bank as you deposit your 50 dollars.

Cheeseburger at Bullseye Burgers in Selah
Bullseye Burgers via Google Maps
**Am I the only one who has been complaining about the size of these fast food joint hamburgers these days? They keep getting smaller and smaller, yet the price for one keeps growing exponentially. I am old enough to remember when you could get a burger and fries to go for less than $5. Now, I would be lucky if I found the same deal for under $10. I know, I know, it’s “the price of inflation” and all that. Still doesn’t mean I like it! These burgers are creeping closer and closer to White Castle size but the price is going up.

Be right back; I’m getting hungry for a burger! - Reesha

For a list of places to get the biggest burgers in Washington State, check out this list here.


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