If it was so easy to get a job, everyone would have one, right?

I'm here for ya, searching can be super overwhelming. You get your heart set on a certain position, put time into your resume only to find silence. It would be wonderful if all employers responded fast but the best way to keep that positive momentum is to continue to keep looking and apply for even more positions. Then you'll get to choose what you want to pursue further.

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Great Spots to Get Started

  • Worksource Yakima is a great business designed to assist with everything having to do with employment from start to finish.
  • OIC of Yakima is another spot that will assist you with options and resume tactics to get you hired
  • Indeed is a fantastic resource for jobs where you can sort through the latest jobs available
  • LinkedIn is another spot to get your name out there, linking with people you might already be acquainted with and great for networking. You can also apply for many different jobs and set up your notifications when positions you are looking for become available

Who is Hiring?

Geeks Who Drink - Searching for a Trivia Host! You'll need a laptop or tablet and something to take pictures with. This is a part-time position but the pay is $20 - $35 per hour via Indeed

Yakima Dia A Ride and Medstar - They are always hiring and please say you heard it from Rocky Nelson

Community Health of Central WA - GME Recruitment and Community Relations. This is a remote position. Also hiring for a GME Residency Scheduler

PLAYlive Nation - Esports Gaming /Retail Store Staff. This is a part-time position located in Union Gap.

OIC of Washington - HR Specialist and Receptionist

West Valley School District - Paraprofessional for English Learners. School Districts are great for more than just teaching positions. Bus drivers, cooks, and more are needed at any given time.

Catholic Charities Serving Central - Full-Time Records and Registration Specialist

Prosser Memorial Hospital - 7 Nursing Positions, 2 Echo/UltraSound Techs, 2 Respiratory Therapists

Hobby Lobby is hiring based on a sign seen on the door. I just double-checked the website and it's not showing any positions so that's a great conversation starter and reason for dropping off a resume in person.

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