Keep Yakima Clean is gaining members via their Facebook page, sponsors for gear, and giveaways for the volunteer work the community is teaming up for! It started with Yakamaniacs named Katie Jelinek and Jeff Baker noticed how dirty the sides of the road and other areas were so they created a group to see if anyone was interested in helping. Since its creation, the private group has risen to over 630 members and continues to grow.

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I think a lot of people are becoming desensatized to how bad it really is. It's a team collaboration finding local spots that are in need of some serious pick-up so if you know of a place we are always taking suggestions! Message us anytime and join the movement

You can support in many different ways, volunteering at an upcoming event, or just heading out and picking up an area that needs cleaning and posting to the group. It takes a village and the Yakima Valley is working to Keep Yakima Clean one spot at a time!

This Saturday, April 10th at 9:30 am Keep Yakima Clean will be hosting their next event and this time they've teamed up with Camp Hope!

Volunteers needed! Camp Hope’s Serve Squad (resident volunteers and staff) will be partnering with Keep Yakima Clean for a day of service. We will be working together to do our part to ensure our community is free of garbage and debris. We need not only volunteers to help pick up garbage...we need a few drivers that are willing to tow a trailer and help collect the bagged garbage.  All the supplies are provided so we just need you!

If you are in need of volunteer hours Safe Yakima Valley is happy to provide you with the correct codes to count official hours. Hope you can make it out and if not this time, please help us spread the word far and wide!

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