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There are so many ways to give back. If you have an animal and don't plan on breeding it, get it spayed and nurtured. Keep your car clean of trash and always remember to secure your trash bags so they don't spill all over the place when it's trash day!

You can earn yourself a $70 gift card to Valicoff Family Farms this month by participating in any of the upcoming events.

Saturday, June 19th is the next event!

A Block Walk! Beginning at 8 am

This Block Walk will be covering the areas from McKinley down to Cherry on north 6th Ave. Looks as though the neighborhood could use some help! It’s going to be a warm day so we’re starting early, arrive when you can. pleased dress accordingly because it warms up quick!!

As always utensils and water will be provided!

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If you are able to show up, you are entered for this months drawing. If you are unable to join, it would fabulous if you could share the info on your social medias to help spread the word. If you haven't joined the Facebook group it's a fantastic way to keep up with all the different upcoming events.

On the way around town if you see any spots that REALLY need a clean-up you can add them to the group or report it to the city for clean-up and you NEVER have to wait for an event to take matters into your own hands and clean-up around you. Please be safe and let people know where you are going. Wear gloves and have some major fun!

Keep Yakima Clean

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