We've all been through the struggle, if not, buckle up buttercup because life is quite a ride and I hear no one is getting out alive! Everyone spends their time differently and lately, I've had my eye on someone who chooses to spend their free time, giving back to our community!

Her name is Katie Jelinek and she is my Woman crush Wednesday!

I started following her co-created group Keep Yakima Clean on Facebook and have been hooked ever since.

Katie has struggled in the past with addiction and the hard work she's put in to stay sober. "Finding something to pour your energy into, something positive that gives you a new type of high is a great start!" A life-changing moment for her was when she ran across a gentleman from the Tri-Cities who also has overcome addiction. He decided to pour his newfound energy into cleaning up the streets and then created a group on Facebook. Katie was so inspired she decided to create a group for Yakima as well, that you can join at any time. It's growing by leaps and bounds and even offers the chance to provide you with volunteer hours if that is something you need.

An added bonus of creating Keep Yakima Clean, she's now super knowledgeable about how best to go about cleaning up. From scoping out an area that needs attention, drawing up a map, and organizing the crew, to inspiring those around her to donate gloves, bags, trucks for hauling large items, and even a brand new incentive program!

Now, when you go out on one of Keep Yakima Clean's events or decide to create your own, you can log in with her and be involved in each month's drawing. Last month's sponsor was Valicoff Farms, a $70 gift card. This month it's a $100 gift card to spend at Candigurlz of Yakima!

I would like to again bring it to folks attention that picking up trash can be done solo and an event isn’t needed!!

You can join the movement and get your businesses added to the monthly sponsorship game! It's a win, win for everyone and a great way to spend some of your free time!

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