Dancers, drummers, and spectators showed up from across the country to enjoy the pow wow at Legends Casino Hotel. It has been years since the pow wow was at the casino in Toppenish. You could not miss the big white tent where the pow wow took place. The Yakama Nation Warriors Association and an Eagle Staff. Lead each grand entry of the pow wow.

For me being in what called the "pow wow trail." Legends Casino Hotel kicked it off. Most of the drummers and dancers competed for cash prizes. While others watched and cheered on the dancers.

During the pow wow. There was a moment to recognize the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. Across the country, Native American women disappear at an alarming rate. Some of these women never make it home. On the Yakama Nation there are several women still missing. With loved ones awaiting their return. Or waiting for someone who has information on where they could be.

On Saturday Afternoon, a celebrity made an appearance. award-winning actor and musician, Wes Studi. Enjoyed the pow wow for a little while before doing a Q&A session. And a meet and greet at the casino.

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