Good Afternoon!

Hopefully your Labor Day Weekend was fantastic! I know a lot of us are adjusting to the new fall schedule and I am sure there are some of you out there who have questions that need to be answered, yes? :)

Melissa Henyan is a fantastic psychic medium and animal intuitive who has been kind enough to spend her Wednesday afternoons with us. We start off taking phone calls on the air at 4pm PST our number is 509-972-1073. If you are not able to tune-in with the radio at 107.3 KFFM you can also stream at or even download our free app at the google play or apple i-tunes store!

We have been taking advantage of using KFFM's facebook page to do some live reads, we will also try out some KFFM;s Instagram as well :) It has worked really well to actually bring you on the screen whiile we are on social media so if you are open to it! Let's go :)

Want to see how it works?

Please understand that she will attempt to connect with everyone but she is also awesome with follow-ups and if you are left feeling like you want more she is always available for a private reading (there is a fee, this is what she does for a living) Either way it is one of my FAVORITE parts of the week because it seems like every time we do this we are left with happy tears and very thankful people.


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