Kim just crushed what we should be doing about burnout. From the kids dealing with issues in school or home, all the way to adults dealing with work. Your job is just that -- it's not your life.

How are you doing? If that answer isn't so good to listen in ;) It's going to be OK.

There is this unique stress called job burnout. It manifests as extreme physical and emotional exhaustion. You lose yourself and it's a combination of a lot of different things that get you to that place.

If you are finding yourself dreading going into work, it's taking a long time to get going once you are there, you're way more irritable then normal and your line between work and home life is gone, pay attention. You might be at risk.

We are designed to have down time and have human connections, so when these things aren't happening it takes a toll.

If you are there and you are still barreling forward, know you are not alone. Practice makes perfect.

Talk to your supervisor. It's OK because this doesn't make you weak. Every single one of us has experienced this, including our supervisors.

Don't assume what they would say and more than likely they will open up and give you some assistance.

Let your spouse or family know that you are struggling that you are interested in taking a break for a while, taking a back seat for a bit.

Find the things that fill you with joy and start doing those things. Find new things and even get some exercise.

It can be anything -- you can walk the dog or wrestle with a partner.

Remove stresses that aren't part of your bubble. Do you have to worry or care about this? Remind yourself.

Is it mine to carry? That's the question that Kim has in her office. Does it need to be worried about by me? By someone else? Let those extra things go.

You are going to be OK.

Look into whether your work place has an EAP -- Employee Assistance Program. You can get about six appointments with a professional per issue to assist you, paid for by your work. Reach out and ask.

You can get all the info, but if you don't have tools or know how to use the tools you own, take a beat and let's learn.

And consider getting in touch with Comprehensive Health Care, (509) 575-4084 -- or

Take a deep breath. Life is short. Soak up the sun and spend time with the people who bring you joy.

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