Feeling Overwhelmed?


You are not alone when it comes to feeling like your plate is more than full. Whether you are single and living alone in a new city or parents of a teenager who is struggling to get out of bed each day. It's never wrong to reach out for help, it's actually very normal and very available to you.

Comprehensive Healthcare Worker Shortage

A few months back I called the Comprehensive Healthcare emergency line. Anyone can call 988 at any time across the country and you will immediately be connected to a professional who will listen. I was having a panic attack and needed to speak to a professional, working through what has just occurred so I could continue on with my day. After explaining the situation, it was suggested that I get some counseling for it, and began the process of doing just that.

FYI, a few months later I still haven't set up a consistent schedule for counseling and I say this to one, show you that you are not alone and two, our mental health is a constant thing. It all takes time and baby-stepping your way to healthier habits isn't going to be easy but it will be WELL WORTH IT!

What Should I Do First?

In the process of figuring out what to do, I was given this piece of advice. Flip your insurance card over and call the number to find out who your providers are. Then begin the process of getting yourself into group or individual counseling.

FYI, hand in there. I didn't realize the microphone wasn't all the way up for Ron or Edie but it gets fixed quickly.

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