Giving back to the community can be so fulfilling, you can volunteer your free time with so many different groups around town like Safe Yakima! Where the kids are being encouraged to go pick-up their neighborhoods and in return are entered to win all kinds of prizes, register by the end of the month, please. Blue skies after smoke-filled days are now making that something I am fully supporting so go on out there and show em what you collected.

There is also another fun way to give back, by paying it forward while you are in the drive-through if you have the extra cash.

Incredibly the other day there was a pay it forward experience that lasted seven hours in Virginia. A local Dairy Queen got an early start with a pay it forward that began at 7 am (why aren't our Dairy Queen's open at that time?) and finally wrapping up at 2 pm. That's 250 customers served, each one getting an amazing surprise, when they went to pay for their order, it was taken care of and then they returned the favor!


Unexpected kindness can flip your entire mood, I had it happen a few months back at a coffee stand and I will be honest. I was blown away and whatever I had been brewing about internally vanished, a gift from someone I hadn't interacted with. I instantly started smiling it's always nice to keep it going but then I also think about the person who had to end it. No shame in that either because what if they only had enough for their dilly bar or blizzard? Giving back isn't about making it public, you aren't really supposed to show off when you do it, even though sometimes it feels nice to get pats on the back so I figured I would just put it out there.

The next time you are planning on heading through the drive-through maybe shoot your shot and pay it forward. You never know how far your giving will go and how your small act of service changed someone else's path :)

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