We happen to be in Union Gap so I figured I'd take the kids to Miner's. We're rarely on that side of town and I'm not as attached to Miner's as I can never finish my meal. My son was wanting a chocolate milkshake and my kids love cheeseburgers so, yeah, why not. My 12-year-old ordered the Big Miner. I don't think she knew what she was getting herself into.

We all ordered a cheeseburger of some kind. I don't like veggies getting in the way of my meat so I got mine plain. We ordered a french fries to share as the large is big enough to feed an army. The look of surprise when my daughter saw exactly how large the Big Miner was was definitely worth the price alone.

Her verdict is she liked it, but had too much stuff on it so she removed some of the veggies so it could fit in her mouth easier.

If you're curious, she couldn't finish it.

I'm okay with that because I couldn't finish mine, either.

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