These Five Restaurants Are a Hot Spot for Spotting Celebrities in Yakima, WA

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Dine inside one of these 5 Yakima restaurants and you might just see celebrities whilst you're there!


Miner's Burgers 2415 S 1st St, Yakima

Top Chef and Good Eats chef Alton Brown has been to Yakima a couple of times and had plenty to say about the Yakima food scene. I waited in a long line one chilly morning in frot of the Capitol Theatre and I got to take this pic with him.

Reesha Cosby with Chef Alton Brown at the Capitol Theatre in Yakima - 2016
Reesha Cosby with Alton Brown via Facebook

I told him I wanted to be photographed with him as I puffed on my vape. He said I was "one of the weirdest people he's ever met." I took that as a GREAT COMPLIMENT even though I know he didn't mean it that way! During his show at The Capitol, he raved about having tried one of Miner's Burgers (2415 S 1st St, Yakima).

Funny that he made fun of me then when these days, he's all about not being conformist! HA.


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Comedian and Actor Jim Gaffigan has also raved about Miner's Burgers as seen on his Twitter page below.

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Yakima Thai Cuisine 14 Staff Sgt Pendleton Way, Yakima

I had no idea that actor Bill Murray passed through Yakima that one time and stopped to grab some delicious Thai food in downtown Yakima at Yakima Thai Cuisine (14 Staff Sgt Pendelton Way). How cool is that!

Lost in Translation
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Cowiche Canyon Kitchen & Icehouse Bar 202 E Yakima Ave, Yakima

United States Senator Bernie Sanders had dinner at Cowiche Canyon Kitchen & Icehouse Bar (202 E Yakima Ave) after his presidential campaign rally at the Yakima Sundome in 2016. It was a big deal because it has been quite some time since Secret Service dudes have been noticeably seen around these parts!

I was super lucky to enjoy a meal with world-famous comedian Brad Upton on one of his trips to Yakima for a private function at Two Mountain Winery. He laughed at the fact that I didn't want to order dessert. Hey, not everybody wants dessert, ya know? I also was super lucky enough to share a meal with Brad Upton at another Yakima location (see below).


Mickey's Pub 101 N Naches Ave, Yakima

Mickey's Pub is a cool trendy spot located inside the Orion Cinema in downtown Yakima (202 E Chestnut Ave). Comedian Brad Upton came here to enjoy food and beverages with some of his fans, yes, we were fan-peopling (my new word) after filming one of his comedy specials at The Seasons Performance Hall (101 N Naches Ave), as seen on Amazon! It's been so long ago that I can't remember what he ate or which beverage he preferred but I know that we all had a blast and didn't want to leave!

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Eats & Elixirs 910 Summitview Ave

Masterchef and American Idol Contestants are likely to be spotted hanging around in Yakima restaurants with Masterchef Season 8 and Best Leftovers Ever! contestant,  and local celebrity chef, Shawn Niles of The Fat Pastor fame. He is behind several Yakima Valley restaurants and pop-ups. His latest restaurant in Yakima is Eats & Elixirs (910 Summitview Ave). Because of his connections with former Masterchef contestants and American Idol competitors, Chef Shawn has been able to entertain his celeb pals and bring them to Yakima! Do you remember finalists Yachecia Holston and Gabe Lewis from Masterchef Season 8? Or Rachel Hale from American Idol Season 12? They've all been here in Yakima cooking things up with Chef Shawn!

He even runs a secret and exclusive food club in the Yakima Valley called Bite Club; he just launched a Bite Club in Nashville, Tennessee (which happens to be my hometown)!

I hope you enjoyed this quick tour of celebrity haunts in Yakima, WA. See you around town!

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