Well I gotta say, Moxee, you don't mess around when it comes to festivals! :) I have heard a lot of good things but finally made it out this year and I was VERY impressed! Entered the 107.3 KFFM rig in the parade, which was awesome, and I hear the biggest one you guys have had in 13 years. For sure next year I need to bring my nieces and nephews along to throw out candy to the crowd. I locked eyes with a few kids that I could tell wish I had more than just a smile for them ;)

The array of food to choose from was pretty impressive and oh, the smells! There is nothing like the smell of fair food to get you rocking for the day :) Plus our booth was a perfect location to listen the stage and gather our line-up for the Sea Gals! Aimee Yoerger, you are one of a kind! Decorations and prizes on point. Our booth looked fantastic for the ladies! That's right, we had Sea Gals at the tent! Did you get your picture taken with them?

I tried my first Indian taco (wish I would have split that thing because I really tried to finish it and just couldn't do it) and enjoyed an elephant ear, which I also couldn't finish but I will tell you for future elephant ear buying purchases, they last so wrap that thing up and give it a quick 10-second shot in the microwave later. YUM!

Your beer garden was truly where it was at. I didn't realize that you guys out in Moxee go so hard. In three days of your Moxee Hop Festival you have drank more beers than all nine days at the Central Washington State Fair! HAHAHA! I witnessed some of the aftermath of that when I attempted to use a port-a-potty that someone had gotten sick in. Hey, it's a festival -- just glad they made it INSIDE the port-a-potty! The stage for musicians was fantastic, coupled with the beer games set-up there truly is something for everyone at the Moxee Hop Festival. Admission is free so if you didn't make it THIS year, check out the photos and set your calendar for next year because it's an event you don't want to miss!