It can get really heavy carrying the weight of the World on your shoulders. So for a moment let me help you carry the load and take a breather. Whatever thoughts you have about ending it all, don't have to continue.

Every year the week of September 6th - 12th the Nation highlights suicide prevention and every minute somebody is in the midst of thinking they are better off not being here. Not so. Not one bit but I also understand the overwhelming feeling of grief, anxiety and sadness. I spoke with Melissa Helgeson, who really did an amazing job of explaining when it's time to start speaking to a pro and how flipping the script on your feelings can help get you there. She has helped many people get their lives back under control and I honestly left our conversation feeling a bit better myself.

Melissa rotates through the different Central Washington Family Medicine Clinics from Ellensburg, to Naches and two in Yakima and has a super passion for helping others.

There are loads of options when the time comes to speaking to someone and I love how she said, "carrying those thoughts is like a secret and that kind of secret can get really heavy so to be able to share some of the weight with someone else can feel so good." You don't have to continually feel like you are a burden.

She explained that sometimes its about getting on the right medication and sometimes its being able to vocalize and feel heard. All of this can be life changing and I know I like to blow sparkles everywhere but this is real shit and I don't want you to suffer.

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