A movie based on the best-selling Native American novel Neither Wolf Nor Dog comes to Yakima. From author Kent Nerburn. This movie was shot in 18 days with a small crew. It has the rez humor. Speaks on truth about Native Americans. From past to present. And stars Yakima's own Christopher Sweeney. And Lakota Elder Dave Bald Eagle.

Christopher was actually born in Toppenish and raised in Yakima and graduated from Eisenhower High School. Then immediately after graduating join the Marines. He was awarded with a Silver Star from the Gulf War.

Dave Bald Eagle died at the age of 97. But had relatives at the Wounded Knee Massacre. The movies climax was filmed on location at Wounded Knee. Which is sacred grounds for Native Americans.

Neither Wolf Nor Dog first opened in the theater in Toppenish. Back in February 2016. Has been in nineteen theaters around the Northwest. Neither Wolf Nor Dog will playing at the Yakima Cinema from February 16th through the 22nd.

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