Across the country, the drumbeat is returning to a lot of tribes.  Where dancers are getting their regalia ready. Practicing their dance moves. That includes here in the Northwest.

The drumming, singing, and dancing have been silent in the Yakama Nation. For almost two years. But the time has come for gatherings to return.

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Dancers are getting their moccasins ready. The singers are getting their songs together. But most of all the pow wow trail is coming back to the Yakama Nation.

My home tribe is the Yakama Nation. Through social media. Legends Casino Hotel announced the return of their pow wow and stick games. More details can be found on their website

Then the weekend after legends has their stick games and pow wow, The Yakama Nation Commemorates the Treaty of 1855. With the Treaty Days Pow Wow. Which is set to return to White Swan, WA. June 3rd and 4th, 2022


Yes, the drumbeat has been silent. But members of the Yakama Nation. Have traveled across the country. Practicing the traditions of many tribes across the country. This includes the biggest pow wow in North America. The Gathering of Nation.

But locally. The towns of Toppenish and White Swan, WA. Are getting ready to welcome back dancers, singers, drummers, and visitors. To the Legends Casino Hotel Pow Wow. And The Commemoration of the Treaty of 1855. With the Treaty Days Powow, in White Swan.

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I get this question all the time. From Non-Natives. "Is it free to attend?" And yes, just show up and realize we as Native Americans or Indigenous. Are still here. Practicing our ceremonies and traditions.

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