The following events are true. The house is located in Yakima but to protect the occupants that still dwell inside, I have been asked to please leave out all details that would help identify where this house is located or the specific features that would give away the owners identities.

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Both husband and wife don't like the word Ghost, he even goes as far as saying they hate the word, "spirit" so energy bodies is what we will call them because that's truly what they are.

Going back to 12 years old this gentleman has been experiencing some type of supernatural presence. Bangs, doors opening and closing...a shadow person. He was terrified for two years until he began reading books on the subject. Back then there wasn't a lot he could get his hands on regarding the subject but it helped to calm him a bit. When he entered his twenties he got into meta physics

Derived from the Greek meta ta physika ("after the things of nature"); referring to an idea, doctrine, or posited reality outside of human sense perception. In modern philosophical terminologymetaphysics refers to the studies of what cannot be reached through objective studies of material reality.

He also began dabbling in mind altering substances, something he knows wasn't smart but he was young and dumb. One of those experiences ended up leaving him awake for 14 days straight. That length of time did something to his mind.

When he woke-up two days later he realized the brokenness allowed him to see energy fields. Basically, in certain conditions he can see energy bodies. A blessing and a curse he claims.

Over years of study on this subject and with the partnership of his wife who has been an empath all her life he has come to the conclusion that

there is sooooo much more to life, reality, and what we know about the world we live in

The house he and his wife currently live in was built in Yakima, WA in the early 1900's. There was a prominent person who lived there which would have seen a lot of traffic and though the house has been slightly remodeled over the years it's contents is pretty wild. Loads of bedrooms, tunnels, a full attic with trap doors and a vertical chute to get into it, false floors, a canning room, and more.

He and his wife have heard noises, she can hear whispers and describe details more than he can and they have even experienced the energy bodies speaking through the phone gadgets!

Here's the rundown of all the energy spirits they share their home with.

The Garage

In the garage there is a 20 ish year old women named Rose. She wears a pioneer period outfit but it's unknown how she passed away. She was waiting for a man at the time of her passing and is very attached to her items which are in a box in the back of the garage. At one point the box had been brought into the house, it contains old letters from the museum and pictures that he isn't keen on touching again anytime soon. She is very active and having the box in the house created issues. There was banging and lots of angry audible talking, scratching and pushing so the box has been put back in the garage but at night you can still hear the banging.

The House

In their house their are two energy bodies that are young girls. Cassandra is 9ish and likes to watch them sleep. Also she is fond of petting their dog when he lays at the end of the bed. He can feel her sit down on the end of their bed and has grabbed his feet a few times during the summer nights when his feet were sticking out of the covers. She hides in their closet and wears a blue sack type dress that has white dots or tiny daisies on it and an off-white apron made of the same material. Her hair is like sandy blond pulled back with a ribbon. A few nights ago his wife was woken up to singing, believed to be the voice of Cassandra.

Then there is 12 year old Miranda. She is tall and thin with straight dull strawberry hair hanging in her eyes in the front. She has a cream colored dress with tiny roses on it, and pearl or shell buttons on the collar. She also wears knee high stockings. She likes to be called Mandy and wanders the house at night moving things sometimes and likes to knock on things when their six-year-old granddaughter is visiting and watching tv but only when she is by herself. He hears her walking every once in a while across the wood floors at night. One of the two energy bodies will on occasion shake their bed while they are getting ready to fall asleep.

There is also a cat or dog energy body that loves to goof around all night long on occasion. He has done some tests and captured an energy ball moving around through the house. He has even caught it's arm underneath the door batting at the dog toys. Three other people have witnessed this as well and have felt something jump on their bed when they are staying over. Nobody gets a scary feeling and it only seems to take place in the upstairs areas of the house.


In the canning room and shop is where Harold and Virginia, an older couple resides. They make noises on occasion but mostly when he is down in that area he'll just catch glimpses of their energy fields and shadows.

The Need for a Smudging 

There has been one shadow person who was not good. It's presence in the house did not last long as it became aggressive and pushed his wife down the stairs breaking her neck. She is ok but after that they smudged the house for negative energy. Whatever that was left and the rest stayed.

The Backyard

Lastly there is Samuel who roams the backyard at night but never comes into the house. It's believed he is attached to a trinket in the garage as well. He is in his mid 30's about 6'2 with curly brown hair and a goatee. He wears a brown 3 piece pinstripe suit with a ribbon bow as a tie.

Another wild part about this house is on occasion they will get a random energy body that will drop by, like the house is attracting them or something. They don't stay long.

Something really interesting is with all the activity in their house it doesn't seem to disturb their dogs. No barking or whining. They seem to be watching them as well with the owners and on occasion even seem to play with some of the energy bodies.

He is aware all of this sounds nuts, it is wild but he can assure that both he and his wife are of sound mind and body.

There is more out there, so much more and we will be going over some of the other old buildings and homes in the area so keep it here!

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