I only have two spots in Yakima I have experienced paranormal or unexplained things. The first spot used to be near the drive-in movie theater in Yakima off Nob Hill. There was some weird movement involving a pen and another time having to do with a candle. The place ended up burning up in a fire after I moved out. A friend who still had lived there said the only portion of the building that didn't get torched was mine!

The second was in the lobby of Radio Yakima. I was working alone early on a Saturday morning getting ready for an event when I heard footsteps across the front lobby tiles. I ran out to say hi but no one was there. I thought it was a bit strange and kept rushing around and then I heard it again. NO one was there but after telling my co-workers, two others admitted to hearing the same sounds.

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There are many stories across the Yakima Valley and beyond and here are the areas.

Casino Caribbean Yakima - 1901 Boggess Ln, Yakima, WA 98901

Caribbean Casino. I did security there way back in the day. There is something very fast... It will run across the whole building back n forth when it's just you there alone at night washing the mirrors. You can hear, feel, and see the shadow move so quickly it's unsettling. Derek H of Yakima

S. 5th Ave

Also a house I lived in on S 5th Avenue. You could hear a last crying and washing dishes. And when I moved in I came face to face with a ghost in the basement who was "working" on the house. He gave me the house keys. Later got a call the renter person was running late... But I was already in because this guy had left the house unlocked and was making enough noise that I followed into the basement. I described him to the company that managed that home. He said he never heard of anyone by that description before. And he looked very weird about how I was given keys when he in fact was bringing the keys to me himself... Spooky. Never saw that ghost man again. - Derek H of Yakima

Emma Lane off Ahtanum and 42nd 

There are a lot of different versions of the story but they all involve a murder way back when. It's on private fenced-off property. Old, abandoned, and falling apart the house that Kayla L of Yakima confirms

We’ve lived a couple doors down from there my entire life. My grandpa built his house down Emma in 1960 when she was the only other one on the road so he was friends with her. She passed in 1980 before I was born, but her daughter (Bertha) lived on 34th until the early 2000s when she passed away too. I think they’re both buried at Tahoma Cemetery.

Robby R has a story about Emma as well

Back in like 05, a bunch of my friends went there though. Little girl was supposedly badly abused by her mother and several of her moms friends. So my frienda went there after hearing stories. They came home with scratches and bruises and all sorts of markings. The cameras all were thrown and all the electronics were glitched out and stopped working. According to the stories we heard, she hated females mostly because that's who sexually abused her most, and did the worst things to her, and the lesbians in our friend group def got attacked more than the straight females or guys. Ive been looking for info on this house since!

Ashely LaPierre was under the impression that the entire family had been killed by the Father.

Romero Trevino has a personal experience

My stepsister and I went there the day after Halloween because my ex said that he partied there the night before. There’s no power in the house. We went upstairs and there was all these clothes from the 1920s and I dared my stepsister to take a shoe. As soon as I told her to do that we heard a loud knock, knock, knock, and she went running into the rafters. This house is way setback from the road and there’s no way that somebody could’ve followed us in there that quick. Another time we went back to mess with my stepsister’s friend that was into witchcraft and they put ketchup all over the walls to look like blood. As we were standing there after she figured it out I saw a ghostly figure walk by between some brushes & the house. The hair stood up on my neck both times.

So is this place really still there?

According to Nicole Poole

yes, still there. Barn too! Barely holding up though, I wouldn’t try the stairs they look like they will crumble in seconds. My kids and I live two doors down from Emma’s, where I grew up. My grandpa built his house when Emma’s was the only one on the street. He was friends with her and still talks about her and tells stories about her to this day. She definitely had a rough life and she was a hard headed lady from what he has said. Spooky old 1900s style house and barn.

Cherry Ave.

Tiffany E says there's dark energy there and Benjamin J mentioned feeling hot whisps of air on a cold night like someone was breathing on him.

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