Carol, a professional from the butterball hotline, had fantastic tricks to make sure your Thanksgiving feast goes smoothly. She says buy early so you can thaw slowly. Get your stockpot ready with all your veggies so you can create an amazing broth for soups and more during the cold winter months, once the turkey has been carved. Clean as you go so you can enjoy a glass of wine while the turkey cools on the counter before the main event.

Lemurs Enjoy Thanksgiving Feast At San Francisco Zoo
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Those all sound like great tips and for a seasoned professional of over 37 years she for sure nails each and every one of these. Over the years I have managed to break all my favorite dishes, one time I forgot to take the giblets bag out of the bird - we didn't die so that's is a win in my book. Another time I had so many margaritas, it was a thanksgiving miracle we had an edible meal. From what I can vaguely recall it was a delicious team effort. :) I love this meal and all the fantastic leftover options available so we've teamed up with butterball for a very special giveaway.

Thanksgiving family dinner

Listen in every afternoon this week (November 18th- 23rd, 2019) in the 3 pm hour for your chance to win a certificate to purchase your own butterball turkey including, a candy stash, your choice of a film from the prize vault and tea from Sarah's special stash or homebaked cookies she made :) Your choice but all I am wanting is a tip, a trick or wild story from one of your Thanksgivings.

Take care and I hope that you're having a wonderful day. Good luck :)



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