Half-way through the work week and you know what time it is. Our resident psychic medium Melissa Henyan will be joining us this afternoon and every Wednesday, 4 pm. We take phone calls while discussing topics (509-972-1073) and also will do a live video on our 107.3 KFFM facebook page. If you haven't liked it I recommend it, once we go live you will receive a notification letting you know it's time.

I also have created a weekly event page that you can follow for updates :) Feel free to drop your questions and stories there as well.

Reaching out to Melissa today I asked what we were going to cover and here is what she said,

Let's talk about some of my own crazy experiences. 😊

Deal! I am sure we all have had strange, unexplained experiences. I will share one of mine. Back in the day, I lived in an apartment in Yakima near the old drive-in. One day I came home, noticed the house smelled a bit like smoke and both of my roommates asked if I had left a candle burning. I was 99.9% sure I hadn't left it burning. It was a brand new candle but when I went to investigate I was so weirded out because it was one of those jell candles that should burn for hours clean but it looked like someone had picked it up and moved it from side to side because it was completely warped. As we were discussing this one of those pens you use for whiteboards rolled across our refrigerator. We all heard it and stopped what we were doing. There isn't any way that thing could have rolled. It has ridges making it impossible unless someone moved it! WHAT?

After we moved out I found out that the apartment building had caught fire, there were four apartments, ours was on the bottom. Three apartments burned and ours was left untouched. I have always felt like there was something odd about the whole thing and I am excited to have Melissa tell me what she thinks.

Have you had an unexplained experience that you would love to have Melissa break down for you? Today could be the day!



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