Just when you thought CarMax raised the bar of cuteness with their "Slow Bark" commercial, Budweiser's Super Bowl 2014 commercial went and melted our hearts.

You guys might remember Budweiser's "Brotherhood" Super Bowl 2013 commercial. Well this time, Budweiser has tugged on the heartstrings even harder with "Puppy Love", their Super Bowl 2014 commercial. "Puppy Love" continues the story of the Clydesdale stable from "Brotherhood". A puppy adoption is going on at Warm Springs, but one of the pups isn't willing to move onto a new family and has made a friend next door.

The puppy is seen repeatedly escaping from the adoption place. He would run underneath a fence going onto the property of a neighbor's farm. This location should be familiar to those who remember "Brotherhood" -- it's the stable housing Clydesdale horses. The puppy can be seen nuzzling with a Clydesdale horse until the stable's owner, who looks awfully familiar, picks the pup up to bring him back to his owner next door.

Life goes on and the puppy continues to regularly sneak out to see its equestrian friend. As always, the man finds the puppy as he continues to take care of his horses. Much to the shattering of our hearts, the female owner of the dog pulls it from under the fence as it tried to sneak away once again; and the dog is given to a man in sunglasses who is willing to adopt it. Much to the man's surprise, the horse follows his car, and with some help, rallies the pup back home. The stable owner and female next door are then found to be looking on in delight as the puppy and the horse are playing with each other. This commercial was one of the most adorable, heart-warming things we have seen in a very long time. What does it even have to do with beer? It doesn't even matter anymore.

We have also found Budweiser's other commercial to use their renowned Clydesdale stable, "A Hero's Welcome", which can be found below. It depicts a small Florida town giving a returning soldier a proper return party. Bud Light might go for the extreme, but Budweiser knows how to tug at those heartstrings.

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