Something clicked into place the other day while I was perusing facebook! My friend Lexi posted a squat challenge to get herself ready for an upcoming vacation and I was hooked and then I laughed out loud.

Never in a million years did I think I would get excited about a squat challenge. Back in the day my knees creaked and cracked, my back ached and I just didn't have ANY interest in EVER doing something like that. But as I went worked on my weight loss journey I chose exercises that would strengthen my core, my back and give me a flat stomach. Guess what exercise works wonders?

Yes, I realize this is more than a squat but having gotten through the first few days I am a bit addicted to how sexy my stomach and arms felt.

So inspired that I blew through 30 of them on Easter and then got the nephew and nieces involved with the rest. Even Grama showed off how strong she is! :) LOVE IT!

I know it seems like a lot but if you break it into sections and just take it one day at a time you will be shocked at how you will look and feel after 30 days.

Meet back here for your next challenge once we knock this one out and if you need a bit more inspiration join my free support group on facebook Get it right! Get it tight! You'll need to friend me Sarah J the DJ because it's a private group :)



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