It's one thing to fall asleep during class, but it's another thing to wake up, literally jumping from your seat, screaming because you had a nightmare like this poor sap did.

The professor was carrying on about some boring lecture in something at Stony Brook University. Apparently, it was so boring that one of the students in the front row dozed off. The professor walked up to him, snored into his microphone, mocking him. About a second later, the student jumped up saying, "Wooooaaaoooaaoah" and, it was right around then that he realized he he had been sleeping, embarrassing himself in front of everyone.

Just another reason to not fall asleep in class. Especially a class you (or your parents) are paying good money to take.

If you’re prone to nightmares, you should probably try your best not to fall asleep in class. You might have an outburst in the middle of a quiet lecture, like one student at Stony Brook University.

The professor noticed the student napping in the front row, so he made a loud snoring sound as a joke. The noise must have jolted the napper, because he literally jumped up screaming, not knowing what was going on for a moment.

Even the prof couldn’t help but laugh.

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