What the Health Is Up With Journaling?
This whole health and fitness thing can get super confusing, making it SUPER easy to just say screw it when you arrive at your first hiccup. Don't do that! You've done that before and I can tell you as a member of the used-to-be-a-big-girl club, it gets better!
What The Health Is Up on your Wednesday!
I kept pushing and each week I lost a few pounds and a few more and each week I didn't gain anything. I lost 30, 40, 50 pounds and then I had to start working out because I had a plateaued.
Make You Wanna Jump! Jump!
Over the years we've seen several fun ways to exercise. From Jazzercise to Tai Bo to Zumba and more, there are ways to exercise and have fun doing it. Fortunately for us, Nathan of Fitness with Nathan brings a crazy that started 15 years ago in Europe to the Pacific Northwest for the first time and it's right in our back yard.
Ladies, Tighter ‘Buns’ In Just 30 Days
So it's taking over the internet, so I figured I'd make sure all of you have seen it! I saw it on, of course. I think I am going to get Jennifer Williams to do it...What do you think? Maybe both of us, every morning, doing squats...
Man Does One Pinky Pull-Up!
As I said this morning, I won't be working out anytime soon! But this guy, seems to be a fitness freak! He does the unthinkable, a 1 Pinky Pull-Up! Is it even possible? Apparently it is!