Raise your hand if you know how to ride a bike. Now, how long has it been since you got on one? I bet your knees are a bit more crackly and that back is much more sensitive since the days of sticking playing cards in your wheel spokes or attempting to ride hands-free. Do you work out these days?

I've been going to Starcycle Yakima classes since the beginning of October 2021 and I wanted to first let you know that...


Monday, January 31st, 2022 is your last day to grab 50% off your first month of classes.

Download the App

This is where I suggest you start. It's free to download and will give you the class schedules so you can pick a time that works for you.

Your first ride is free and you can always message me, @sarahjthedj,  you can be my personal guest for a ride but honestly, it takes about seven rides to get the hang of this thing...more exciting news to come on that so stay tuned.

What Should I Expect?

This isn't your typical type of bike ride. The #clipincheckletsride hashtag on social media will give you a taste of what's in store. When you show up for a class make sure to bring a water bottle, you'll be provided with a special pair of shoes that clip directly into the bike. You will also be given a towel (trust me, you'll need it) and you can choose hand weights as well. I started with ones and have worked my way up to three-pound weights. Baby step your way to greatness!

When you enter the room the lights are low and there are candles burning. You'll choose a bike, I always like a front side seat so I can see exactly what the instructor is doing. In your first class, the instructor will assist with getting your bike set up, adjustments are made depending on how tall you are, and don't feel shy to ask again. It took me a handful of classes to figure out exactly where I like my settings to be.

The shoes have a fancy little bit on the bottom that snaps directly into the pedals so you are secure during the class. You are going to be lifting yourself, "out of the saddle" butt off the bike seat and engaging your core like nobody's business. Your upper quads should be burning if you're doing it right and it takes a few rides to get the hang of it all. Don't let that detour you. It's all totally worth it.

Why I Love Starcycle Yakima

I don't like running, unless something is chasing me you won't see me sprinting anywhere. I'm a big girl and my core is something I am ALWAYS trying to get tighter. Music is really an important part of my motivation and variety of work-outs as well. In my first class, I almost thought it was easy, I think adrenaline had something to do with this. In the second class, I was much more tired and noticed my back hurt so I asked the instructor what gives and she mentioned how important engaging your core is. In my third class, I worked hard to engage my core, and there was no back pain. I was exhausted but I wanted more. I noticed each instructor came with a new playlist of butt-kicking songs and also the order and style they liked to get through the class was always different. It's always fresh and 45 minutes flies by faster than you think it will. I get really excited when it's time to pick up our weights because I know there is only one song left and we are done!

Tips and Tricks

Starcycle Yakima tells you all the following but after 56 rides these are my favorite things to do to push each class to the next level.

  • If you can get there 10 minutes early snag a seat and add your seven to 10 turns of resistance right away, this extra bit of warm-up does wonders for your work-out
  • Breath. Breath deep, keep your chin up when you are struggling to breathe. Breath deep through the hardest parts and keep breathing, you will get stronger and feel more powerful...after you feel like you have passed away a few times!
  • Push through your heels when cycling so you hit the correct muscles. I hear them say this but wasn't really doing it...you'll know the difference and your quads will be on fire but that's what we want. A real workout without our joints being crushed!
  • Ride with friends when you can! You'll make buddies there but having a few friends to push through with is just so much fun!

I take classes five times a week and I have noticed that the extra nervous energy is gone, replaced with a confidence I had been searching for. I know most people don't like working out but it's so true what they say, the good stuff comes when you push through to the tough stuff. You're worth it and I can't wait to ride with you!

StarCycle Yakima

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