I woke up like this. Tuesday, the tale from my scale is I am sitting pretty at 190 pounds. I did it -- haha -- officially gaining again and for a split second I was like maaaaaaan, but then I sat back and assessed this past week and paid respects to Lizzo.

I've been going hard on the tea with the heavy whipping cream and brown sugar. As delicious as it is, with no exercise or calorie counting, this just isn't something that I can maintain, so very thankful for my hubs gifting me with a milk frother. I never knew I needed one and now that I have been using it I can totally dig it. Fewer calories in milk, so that's a good switch.

Also, I have really been wanting to eat, a lot. I've been enjoying eggs and toast for breakfast and had to laugh because this carton of eggs is super special. Each one I have used is a double.

This egg container has a secret inside
Double eggs
Townsquare Media/Sarah J
Townsquare Media/Sarah J

Pretty crazy, and it made me laugh. If I am trying to cut calories double eggs is double the calories and protein, but at the same time it holds a little bit of magic in it :)

Google is always a friend of mine and I found out that breaking an egg and finding two yolks is like a one-in-a-thousand type deal, very cool because each egg so far in this batch has been a double.

The chicken who laid these is possibly younger and has rapid ovulation, or this came from a heavy breeding farm. But could it be that every egg in this carton is double?

You can actually purchase cartons that specifically have two yolks per egg, so I was wondering if perhaps I made a mistake.

No, I am going with the universe wanted me to have this specific carton and it also means that my husband and I will be having twins. Or Norse mythology says someone is going to pass away. I am going with twins :)

I am totally fine with the double egg find, the hubby is a little weirded out and won't eat any more of them

Lastly I leave you with some famous twins

Side note: The Pretenders ... I didn't realize there two of them, but it's all meant to be because I recently did a remix of their song :) CLICK HERE

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