Do you have a favorite drink this holiday season?

Mine used to switch between a sugar-free peppermint mocha or a sugar-free hot caramel macchiato. Delicious, sweet and so full of calories.

20 oz Peppermint Mocha = 410 calories (a little less with sugar-free)

20 oz Caramel Macchiato = 310 calories (a little less with sugar-free)

Craving eggnog?

8 oz (1 cup) of Eggnog = 340 calories

Want to dive into some delicious alcoholic beverages?

One glass of red wine (5 oz)  = 110 calories

One glass of white wine (5 oz) = 123 calories

Now I am a huge fan of Sprite with cranberry juice and now they have a mix, so you can throw in some vodka or gin and bam! You have a low-calorie, delicious and, might I add, very pretty looking holiday drink :)

CLICK HERE for a few more low-calorie holiday ideas to order

Since our psychic Melissa mentioned I should try to drink more tea, I truly have switched over from the calorie-laden/caffeine-riddled coffee with creamer to tea and I am in love. Plus during these cold winter months, if you have any type of sore throat or chill, tea feels cleaner and healthier.

Thanks to a worker at Human Bean who used to live in London, who recommended brown sugar -- and then my friend Sol told me about how Starbucks makes their London Fog (Earl Grey Tea, two stevias and heaving whipping cream).

I am still on the fence with stevia and Truvia and all that. I was using it hardcore and then read it's worse for you than regular sugar, so whatever is your pleasure on that business.

Pick your tea to steep and follow those directions on time -- 3-5 minutes usually, but some can go up to 15 minutes. Add two scoops of brown sugar and a splash of heavy whipping cream while stirring and it's perfection. The total comes to around 60-ish calories :)

My green tea tastes like Mochi Ice Cream :) The Raspberry Hibiscus is like sorbet and the turmeric is a spicy blend of creaminess that is perfection on a scratchy throat.

I noticed that some of my tea was starting to come loose in the cup, so I purchased this nifty lil' guy and it worked great.

One of these days I would like to get something like this, though:

Today I stepped on the scale and am holding steady at 186.0 pounds. Wrapping up Thanksgiving with loads of leftovers, including pie. I even munched on a bacon burger with fries and a milkshake last night. No working out, but I think about it :) I do feel like switching to more tea, and cutting back on creamer with a little coffee has helped keep the weight steady.

Another week full of challenges and eating adventures. I hope this finds you feeling pretty fancy during the holiday season. If you'd like a pick-me-up, GIRGIT is waiting -- a free and private support group I created via my Facebook Page Sarah J The DJ


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