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Produce is so bright and beautiful! I've been waiting to make some type of parmesian eggplant and look what arrived. Normally eggplants are a beautiful shade of dark purple but this white and purple beauty was in my mix.

Another gorgeous discovery today.

Have you ever heard of a duarte plum?

Me neither.

Dark and deliciously sweet I couldn't eat just one.


I learned an awesome trick the other day, thanks to TikTok, I saw that you can store your ginger in the freezer and when needed just take it out and zest off the amount you need. No fibery threads or need to peel. I put mine in a paper bag to test the theory.

This evening we had hot dogs and I was craving some grilled veggies so a whole green bellpepper made it on the grill. It was the perfect addition to that crunchy bun and because we're not going 100% healthy all the time a swipe of mayo on that grilled and crunchy bun makes it the perfect meal without chips.


Another great color that makes so many foods more delicious, grape tomatoes.


I go back and forth with grape tomatoes, currently in love. They are the perfect pop of color and a great addition to so many dishes


Oh how I wanted that pizza!



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