Here it is, mid-October. We're a little over two weeks away from Halloween. That enchantingly creepy, spooky, and scary time of year when people are spending copious amounts of time and money to develop the perfect Halloween Costume for their Trick-or-Treating, Halloween parties, office soirees, and special events.

Since this year, 2020, has acquired a less than cooperative reputation, many events including door-to-door candy mongering, large gatherings, and bobbing for anything have been banned, postponed or so modified that they're relegated to zooming each other.

This video, Top 10 Scary Halloween Costumes 2020, gives some pretty good ideas of what's popular and what's possible. Here are a few that I like, even though they're not that scary:

Screenshot via YouTube / MostAmazingTop10

Yep, the Hazmat Guy should be fairly easy to accomplish, especially if you already have a hazmat suit. Hey, it might be one of the more practical ideas since it may come in handy if COVID hangs around for a while. Speaking of COVID:

Screenshot via YouTube / MostAmazingTop10

Well, at least if other party-goers are suffering from Quarantine Fatigue and begin throwing things at your head, you've got some protection.

This weekend, my grandson Max and I masked-up and went to the local Fred Meyer store. We were in search of paper towels, bathroom tissue, meat to put on the smoker, and a Spider-Man costume. We were stunned when we found just the perfect-fitting outfit at 30% off! I guess costume sales may be down as a result of the aforementioned COVID sitch. I wish the meat had been 30% off.

Brian Stephenson

On our way home, I look into the backseat, and Max, 7, was gone! In the very spot where he had been sitting, was Spider-Man himself! We had a nice chat, the superhero and I, and then I treated him to a Happy Meal where he was greeted respectfully by the drive-thru team. When we arrived home, Spidey was gone and Max had returned, nonplussed by my story. (interesting, but I've never seen Max and Spider-Man at the same time in the same place. Hmmm)

Emily Stephenson

Whatever you do this Halloween, do it safely and take lots of pictures. Spider-Man won't be 7 years old for long.

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