This weekend, as I was getting ready for my live broadcast at Viera's Bakery and Deli, I knew that I would be eating delicious treats -- and I was tempted to bring my yoga mat and challenge people to pushups in the parking lot so we'd all feel better about consuming those sweet treats. It didn't happen, so I'll just say we're lucky it was raining!

Seems a bit extreme, but I have learned it doesn't matter where or when you are getting a workout in, just that you do it. So you can enjoy the treats. You don't have to do a ton of working out -- 10 minutes will do -- but you really do benefit from it. Not only for your heart health but also for your mental health. I am not managing 10 minutes every day yet, by the way, but I can easily attempt 40 pushups a day!

Humor me for a second. Stop right now and do one of two things. Drop and do 10 pushups or 10 jumping jacks.

You at least feel a tad bit accomplished, right? Or maybe you're feeling like you could do more? I have been attempting to do 40 pushups in a row for days now and I would LOVE for you to join me.

A few people have reached out about the pushups and I am realizing it's really about so much more than reaching 40.

We set up these goals or ideas that can sometimes be unattainable, and then we crash and burn and give up really quick. This one is totally achievable, but it's going to take work. If I stop doing it, it will become harder to reach it, but it's something I can always measure and it's something that always makes me feel good after I am done. No matter what number I reach.

Find something that you are able to do each day, and if you're able to share with me @sarahjthedj I would love to hear from you. I have a FREE support group on Facebook called Get it right! Get it tight! It's a perfect way to let out your fears, get some answers and hopefully some inspiration on this road to a healthy mind and body.

You have to love yourself at any weight, because -- true story -- life is too short to miss out on the good stuff because you weren't feeling yourself! You got this. So, regulators, let's mount up ;)

Listening to this I got in 25 pushups.


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