Over the years we've seen several fun ways to exercise. From Jazzercise to Tai Bo to Zumba and more, there are ways to exercise and have fun doing it. Fortunately for us, Nathan of Fitness with Nathan brings a crazy that started 15 years ago in Europe to the Pacific Northwest for the first time and it's right in our back yard.

Jumping Fitness is, basically, jumping on a trampoline to the tune of high energy music. It's a workout because you're keeping time, it involve balance but, best of all, it's just fun! It's also low tension so even if you have a bum knee like I do, it won't hamper you as much as, say, jogging.

Reesha and I had a blast having Nathan and Nicole come in to chat about what it's all about and even give us both a quick 1-2 minute demo of what the classes are like. We both had a blast!

Fitness with Nathan does Jumping Fitness a few times a week and these classes fill up quickly.

Watch Riggs + Reesha attempt to try Jumping Fitness

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