I haven't lived here super long but from what I can tell is Yakima loves a good cup of coffee. I'm not talking Starbucks I'm talking about the little guy, those coffee stands on almost every corner and they're all doing well.

I've gotten to try a couple of these stands out, Cruisin Coffee on Knob Hill is one of the top-tier shops I've found. With a delectable menu of treats, coffees, and energy drinks you just can't go wrong. Now it looks like someone could be moving in on their turf.

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The building started going up right around the time I was moving here, so of course, when I rolled thru to grab a cup of coffee, curiosity got the better of me and I asked what was going up next door, their answer, no clue. If I had to make an educated guess I'd say it's possible of another coffee shop. Before you ask no I don't think it'll necessarily be a local shop but maybe one of the bigger ones. Starbucks, Dunk'n Donuts, Gravity Coffee, Human Bean, honestly the ideas are endless.

If you're curious as to why they would put another shop up so closely the answer is capitalism. It's the same reason you see four different burger places all on the same street. The company knows people are going to that area for food so why wouldn't they put their burger joint there to give people a choice of something different. That doesn't mean you can't try the new place and still go to the old one. It just means you're going to get a chance to maybe discover a new favorite place. When we get more info I'll be back to update you and give you the for sure details on what's going in next to Cruisin Coffee.

Mystery Building


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