Yakima is known for the best agriculture anywhere in the world and if it's not it should be. Here's a small list of towns in the Yakima Valley and what their official food is, unofficially. Unofficial as I'm assigning them, but feel free to give your insight, too.

  • Yakima

    Apples, of course.

  • Moxee

    Beer, as the hops used represent 75% of the hops used in the United States

  • Selah

    Apple Juice, for Tree Top.

  • Wapato

    Fry Bread, a local favorite.

  • Toppenish

    Buffet. I know it's not a specific food, but Legends Casino has one of the best.

  • Granger

    Dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets because of all the dinosaurs.

  • Zillah

    Tea, in honor of the teapot

  • Sunnyside

    Steak, from the farms.

  • Grandview

    Wine, because wine needs to be on this list.

  • Ellensburg

    Top Ramen. Hey! Those college kids gotta eat!

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