I was visiting my brother-in-law in Spokane over the weekend. He was excited to tell me about a full-sized gingerbread house. What he didn't tell me was that it large enough to fit people inside and that it was made with real gingerbread!

This was at the Red Lion hotel we stayed at in Spokane. When I saw it, I thought it was cute. Just a life-sized gingerbread house that doubled as an espresso stand, it seemed. When I got a closer look that's when I noticed the detail of actual sheets of real gingerbread with icing to hold it all together. The inside even had graham cracker as part of the walls. There was a jelly bean portrait hanging on the wall, too!

There was a little snack booth that had coffee, hot chocolate and a few treats. That sign was also made out of an edible board with icing for the writing.

There were a few things that were non-edible including a Christmas tree and some support beams, but it was super awesome to see.

No, I didn't take a bite. I'm sure they have rules against that.

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