Monday night, Jack-son's Sports Bar had chicken and waffles on the menu for that night only. I couldn't pass up this opportunity to actually have chicken and waffles - something I've heard about for so long but never had in a true setting. How were they? I'll tell you.

I've never had chicken and waffles from an actual waffle house and I've never been in the south so I'm not sure what true chicken and waffles is supposed to be. That, being said, they were amazing! The waffle was slightly deep fried so it had a crunchy crust to it, much like a funnel cake. I was in heaven.

The chicken was really, really good, too. We don't have many chicken places in town. KFC, which is KFC, and then we have the local grocery stores that have chicken in the deli case. Wray's on 56th and Summitview has my favorite chicken in town but if Jack-son's had this on the menu every day, or even on special days, I'd be sure to order it often.

Hopefully, they'll bring this back sooner than later.