Don't be lazy.

What do I mean when I say this? Triple-check your resume before you send it out. Get a second pair of eyes on it if need be because some of you are misspelling things or leaving copy and paste boxes on your resume. Others aren't including your references or even worse, a way to contact you if the employer is interested in setting up an interview!

Why Are You Not Getting Call Backs?

This comes from a Vice President in HR, the person who is going through all the resumes. "If you can't be bothered to put together a cover letter or fill out the extra boxes asking for information with more than, "see resume for details" your resume most likely is being thrown in the trash."

Why would a company waste time finding out more about you if you can't spend the time to make sure the spelling is correct? You have already proven attention to detail is not at the top of the list. Remember that your cover letter and resume are the introductions to how you present yourself and your social media is most likely another place they will be looking. It might be your private page but it speaks volumes about you.

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Positions with Multiple Departments and Opportunities

  • City of (enter, where you want to be, or are currently living) - Apply today!
  • School Districts - Every school district is gearing up for in-person learning and multiple positions in many different departments
  • Memorial Hospital - Any hospital will normally have loads of different departments with options
  • Legends Casino and Hotel - A big company needing to fill lots of positions
  • Bi-Mart - Part-time and Full-Time positions
  • Nino's Mexican Grill - Restaurant Manager and more
  • A La Mode Spa - Part-Time Guest Services
  • Why Not! My Pho Kitchen - Assembler
  • Whistlin Jacks - Hiring Food & Beverage and more with the opportunities for over-time
  • Post Office/FedEx/UPS - Get it!
  • Little Dutch Inn - In need of a gambling bartender, servers, and cooks
  • Mt. Olive searching for a part-time preschool teacher, para, and childcare. Please call 5090966-2190 and ask for Darcy

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