So excited to have the owners of Vida Health Bar in this afternoon for a chat on just how they are saving lives!

This is the statement I got off their facebook page

After a close family member was diagnosed with cancer and had to change his diet to a healthier one, we quickly noticed there wasn't many options for healthy eating in Yakima so between brothers, friends and close family we got together & decided to change that. This is something our family wished we could have had for our brother and now we're here for the whole community to benefit from. Whether you or a loved one needs more fruits and veggies in your life for health reasons or personal reasons we want to be here to fully nourish your body with our all natural, energizing smoothies and healthy food items. We understand the struggle of having busy lives and trying to eat healthy. Now that we're open we hope to serve you at Vida when you want to make the healthier choice for your meal option. See you soon!

We went live on our 107.3 KFFM facebook page so feel free to check out the video and also take advantage of their seize the deal today!


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