Spring is less than a month away.


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Spring Break Comes In A Variety of Opportunities

That means Spring Break, not only for college kids but for families too.

If you are a College Student your Trip List probably looks something like this:

Beer - where to get it, store it, keep it cold

Beach which way is it, how far from the hotel, could I crawl home if I had to

Boys & Babes - what are the hot spots where people will gather, will they have music, will my fake ID work, could I crawl home if I had to.

How To Stay Safe & Healthy on Spring Break

Ok, ok...just kidding..sort of...but a college kid's Spring Break is quite different from Mom & Dad and the rest of the family's Spring Break where health and safety are as important as fun.

So how do responsible families carve out some fun and adventure and stay safe with the Omicron variant still widespread and contagious?

James Taylor M.D., founder of COVID Treatment Clinics and COVID Testing Solutions offers a few suggestions.

Internal risk assessment- Before you travel, consider any special needs that any of your family members may have. Any underlying medical conditions, especially those involving a compromised immune system, should be taken seriously.

Stock up on essentials- In addition to the global pandemic, there is also a global supply chain problem that is making many products unavailable. Before you leave, make sure you have any essential items with you.

Local restrictions- Local infection rates and restriction protocols vary widely not only from country to country but also from state to state and even city to city. Make sure that you are aware of all restrictions in place before you arrive at your destination.

Scout it out (Everything you need)- Even the most prepared traveler may experience the unexpected at some point on their trip. Either before you even leave, or shortly after you arrive at your destination, take a quick look at what resources are available. Have an idea of where local medical care facilities and grocery stores are just in case.

Worst case scenario- Have a plan in place on what to do in case anyone does happen to catch COVID while on the trip.


Spring Break Fun In Washington

While Yakima is sadly missing from this list (no vision!) from Cascadia Kids, Washington State still has some good ideas for family Spring Breaks!

2. San Juan Islands. Watch for whales on the Washington State Ferries ride, then arrive at the village of Friday Harbor on San Juan Island, where you’ll probably stay unless you go out to Roche Harbor. Drive around the island, using the article 13 things to do with kids on San Juan Island as your guide.

3. Whidbey Island. An often less-expensive alternative to San Juan Island, Whidbey Island’s got it all: great dining, an unbelievably cool bookstore-puppet shop, and plenty of hikes and beach excursions.

Check out the other activities in Seattle, Tacoma, Great Wolf Lodge, Long Beach, Port Townsend, The Columbia Gorge, Leavenworth, Lake Chelan, Spokane, Suncadia, and Walla Walla.

One month away, stay safe, have fun, and try to not have to crawl home.

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