With immigration-policy reform being a topic of many conversations recently, WalletHub took it upon themselves to see which states would be affected the most from this. Washington State was in the top 10 states to be most effected.

Source: WalletHub

Washington was in 8th place, with California, New Jersey and New York coming in the top three places.
The states least effected would be South Dakota, Kentucky and Mississippi.

Immigrants’ Economic Impact on Washington (1=Biggest Impact; 25=Avg.):
10th – % of Jobs Generated by Immigrant-Owned Businesses Out of Total Jobs
12th – Median Household Income of Foreign-Born Population
9th – % of Foreign-Born STEM Workers Out of Total STEM Workers
19th – % of Foreign-Born Population Aged 25 & Older with a Bachelor’s Degree or Higher
6th – % of Fortune 500 Companies Founded by Immigrants or Their Children
18th – % of Jobs Created by Presence of International Students Out of Total Jobs
15th – Economic Contribution of International Students per Capita
via WalletHub

You can find out more at WalletHub's site.

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