I love it when they find an idea and rank every state to see where it falls with the rest of the nation. When the subject of 'millennials' came up, I thought, for sure, Washington state would be number one, or at least in the top 3. Turns out it didn't even make the top 10.

Source: WalletHub

Washington state came in 12 place. Close, but other states like North and South Dakota, Minnesota, Utah, Wyoming and others were before it. Reason being they all have a cheaper cost of living. More money to spend on gadgets and fancy coffee, I'm sure.

Factors like affordability, quality of life and economic health rank all played a part in this list.

Worst state for millennials belong to Mississippi, Alabama and West Virginia. There you have it.

Feel free to check out WalletHub to see where all of the states land on this list.

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