If you're searching for a job or something to add extra cash flow, these positions across Washington State are fresh and ready to hire! Below you will also find remote positions and if you know of more spots in need, please don't hesitate to message and the list will continue to be updated all week long.

Happy to help spread the word on-air so your input is very helpful for everyone!

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Jobs Across the Yakima Valley 

Pepp'rment Stick located in Union Gap is searching for a Cashier

Behavioral Health Services is hiring a full-time Receptionist

Washington State Patrol is wanting to hire five Communications Officers and Dispatchers

Studio 16 Salon and Spa is hoping to hire a handful of certified hairstylists with experience

Mt. Olive Lutheran Church in West Valley is in need of a part-time Preschool Teacher, Sonshine Learning Center is wanting to hire a part-time Para-Pro and also a part-time worship leader

Yakima County Humane Resource Department is searching for an Office Specialists for the Clerk's Office,

The State of Washingtons Social Health Services is in need of a DSHS ESA Office Manager

Camp Prime Time is in urgent need of a full-time Office Coordinator

Comprehensive Health Care is searching for a full-time Network Services Manager and many more positions across Eastern, WA

Western Materials is wanting to hire a full-time Customer Service Representative

Cedar Rivers Clinic would love to hire a full-time Phone Counselor/Patient Scheduler

Hops Extract Corporation of America is looking to hire a full-time C02 Plant Operator

Italstone wants to hire a full-time Receptionist

Pro Motion Physical Therapy is hiring a full-time Medical Receptionist/Referral Coordinator

Crave Coffee is looking to hire a part-time Basic Barista

HumanGood wants to hire a full-time Social Services Coordinator

International Paper located in Union Gap is searching for an Accounting Specialist

American Red Cross is hiring a full-time Blood Distribution Technician

Summit Family Eye Care wants to hire a Medical Receptionist/Billing Specialist

One-Stop Trucking Services LLC in Sunnyside, WA is in need of a Front Desk Agent

State of Washington Department of Revenu is hiring a Revenue Auditor 2 in Training

Yakima Valley Memorial is hiring full-time Lift Team NAC's and so many more positions

Toppenish Medical-Dental Clinic is wanting to hire a Scheduling Coordinator

Jobs Across the Tri-Cities

Clinic Management Consultants located in Kennewick, WA is hiring in Human Resources and also needs an HR Generalist located in Richland, WA

Shannon's Grooming in West Richland wants to hire a Dog Groomer/Bather

Biolife Plasma Services in Pasco, WA is in need of a Health Screener

Energy Northwest is located in Richland, WA wanted to hire an Administrative Assistant

US Farm Service Agency in Pasco, WA needs a full-time County Program Technician

Ben Franklin Transit in Richland, WA is wanting to hire a full-time Administrative Assistant - Maintenance

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