It's another one of those 'Best Whatever in Each State' but they're always fun to see. I like looking up my state, but also enjoy seeing what other states chose for their pick. This time around it's books based in each state. Do you know what Washington's could be?


According to this list, the book they chose is Snow Falling on Cedars. Have you read it?

In Snow Falling On Cedars, the remote San Piedro Island in Washington State is reeling from the death (a possible murder) of a local fisherman. Kabuo Miyamoto, a Japanese American, is charged with the murder. This small village holds onto memories for years — memories of a white boy and a Japanese girl (Kabuo’s wife) as well as memories of what happened to the island’s Japanese residents only a few years prior during World War II.
via Travel and Leisure

It's a book, admittedly, I haven't heard of but I'll have to pick it up now.

Cool to see what else made the list. Check it out for yourself.

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