I struggle with my mood. To the outside, it looks like sunshine flies out of my butt constantly. You will always catch me smiling, singing, laughing but rarely will you see me get angry or cry. I reserve that for my downtown or while sharing my random and sometimes completely illogical thought process with my husband. For a while now though I have felt a bit out of control. The emotions are kind of seeping out of me and I struggle with feeling down or creating scenarios that are just not reality. I am quick to blame others and I feel like I am in a rut. I want to break this cycle.

So, with full disclosure on my heart, I have reached out to start some therapy sessions and I am using EPA to do it.

Have you ever heard of it?

EPA stands for Employee Assistance Program.

If you're currently employed, your company could be contracted with EPA, which offers assistance in linking you with professionals in your area to speak to about all kinds of stuff.

What does it cost? NOTHING.

Seriously, it's free.

There is no reason to stay overwhelmed, underwhelmed, angry, confused or sad. I understand that the unknown is scary. Spewing out your darkest thoughts to someone you don't know can be really overwhelming but people do it every day. Professionals have gone to school to learn exactly how to help us so I am writing this to let you know, you are not alone. You don't have to feel like this forever and based on the countries current condition, there are some added benefits to signing up right now.

Due to Covid-19, the normal five free sessions that are offered have been doubled. That's 10 free sessions with a professional that specializes in whatever issues you are dealing with.

You can call them right now 1-800-926-2273. They are available seven days a week 24 hours a day.

The phone call was easy, the lady on the other end was kind and super informative.

She asked which e-mail I wanted the info sent to and I said my work, she mentioned that they will see this, I said, "good because they are part of why I am doing this."

Your personal stuff is no one's business but let's be real, we spend as much time at work or thinking about work as we do at home....if not more. We are consumed by something that would have a replacement picked out within weeks if we left so no one person should use work as their lifeline but I would be lying if some of my personality has gotten lost in the push to be the best on-air personality that I can be. So I'm ready to flip the script.

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