My name is Sarah J and I am a recovering food junkie. There is not one week that goes by where I don't fall in love with a bite of something delicious and this week it was something new!

A lobster roll.

The tale is as old as time. I spent over an hour wandering around the Winco searching for dinner. I announced the trip to my husband who was still at work, thinking he would know exactly what he wanted for dinner. He said, "surprise me."

My first thought was either steaks or meatloaf, but I just couldn't bring myself to decide on sides and after making like three trips through the entire store I had run out of time to properly cook 'em before the man arrived home so, on to the next one!

Anyone else out there grabs a hand cart, because they aren't getting that much, and then proceed to fill it until it's overflowing? Cutting off the circulation to your arm but you just keep going? That was me. I grabbed snacks, and random treats but nothing for dinner.

I grabbed potato hamburger buns and then put them back. Discovered Walbuergs (Marky Marky and the fam) have decided to create fresh burger patties, but I don't have room for all the burger fixings so a review on that business coming at another time.

Then I see it, brioche. I have never used it but for some reason, a lightbulb goes off and I am now on the hunt for lobster. I am not going to cooking/kill it today, oh no, and thank goodness the universe was on my side because there was ONE package of claws, cracked and ready for me to collect that meat! :)

I went with a very simple recipe of lemon juice, mayo, celery, parsley with salt and pepper to taste. CLICK HERE

Talk about rich and delicious and meaty! I don't know what a lobster roll is supposed to taste like but I am hooked plus it was fun to make dinner together! I ignored the fact I was full to continue to scoop up the juicy lobster with bits of crunchy buttery brioche and was bummed when later I was hungry and we had disposed of the leftovers.

This is for sure a special occasion kind of lunch or dinner and perfect for summer! We enjoyed ours with potato chips and watermelon! I have heard that Hawaiian rolls are fantastic for lobster rolls so that's on the docket for next time. I would LOVE to know your favorite recipes. As rich as it was we both felt like old bay seasoning or some type of kick would have been good. I am in love and the hubs has decided he's more of a crab man.






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