Wow! I feel like that might be a super loaded question, however here it goes! :) That PERSON on 107.3 KFFM from 2-7 p.m. is Sarah J! :) I am a Yakima native with a very special set of skills. I can talk to myself for hours on end about real-world topics, the latest breaking entertainment news OR even make-believe stuff! Seriously, I have been doing it for YEARS and THANKFULLY I have managed to land a career that actually encourages this! Score for me!

Listening to music is honestly one of my favorite things to do. I mean what else will transport you to the exact moment you heard a song for the first time? Or the power of a favorite hook lifting you out of a funk you were in. It brings people together, tears them apart and also assists those who use music to communicate with others when there are no words left!

When I was little I remember very clearly knowing that when I got older music would play a role in my life, but I honestly wasn't sure how. I LOVED musicals but also was very shy when it came to singing in front of others. I still am not a HUGE fan of "performing a song" but hand me that karaoke mic and it's on! :)

Have you heard of the app SMULE? I have been enjoying this free app for a few years now. It has an incredible amount of songs to choose from, in a ton of different genres and my favorite part? I can sing AS MANY SONGS AS I WANT, listen to them, delete or keep and share with friends. I can even sing duets with other members, which is great when I am wanting to check out new music that others are listening to!

I share this because I know there are a lot of people out there who use music as a way to keep themselves calm or to build themselves up. If you are like me and singing helps to keep you in a better mood, this app SMULE is FANTASTIC. And if you're game, find me @sarahjthedj and maybe we can sing together! :)




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